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20pk Electric Luminarias Bag Clips


Finally something to keep your Electric Luminarias Bags from blowing away when its windy. The 20pk Electric Luminarias Bag Clips are designed to Snap over our Luminarias Bags onto the Luminarias Base. We suggest using 2 per base and they will prevent the bags from blowing away, but we suggest using our Heavy Duty Galvanized Hold-Downs to prevent your set from blowing away in heavy winds.

LED C-9 Clear Bulb

LED C-9 Clear Bulbs(10 per pkg.)


Our LED C-9 Clear Bulbs have been custom designed made specifically for our Luminarias. They are the brightest bulbs that make sure to light up thru your luminarias bags. These are definitely not the type of LED light bulbs that you buy at a big box retail store unless its our bulbs.

Luminarias Snaps 20 pack


Luminaria Snaps come 20 in a pack which is enough attach a string of luminarias to our 8″, 6″, or 4″ Parrot Clips when using our electric luminarias on block walls or Santa Fe style homes.