boxQ: How many feet of Luminarias does a set cover?

A: Each set includes a 30 foot cord with ten Luminaries and they are spaced every three feet.

Q: I noticed your sleeves are sold sealed but the pictures on your box show them open at the top.

A: We sell our Luminaria sleeves sealed at the top because some customers prefer them that way. You can cut the tops if you like to give your Luminaries a more traditional bag look.

Q: How many hold downs are in a pack?

A: There are 20 hold downs per pack which is enough for one string of lights. You use 2 hold downs per frame and place them catty corner to each other.

Q: How many Luminaria sets can I connect together?

A: Up to 5 sets using our Incandescent bulbs(L21001) or 40 sets using out LED bulbs(L21000).

Q: How do I know if I should buy 5 AMP fuses or 7 AMP fuses?

A: If you bought your 30 foot cord in 1996 or before you would use 7 AMP fuses. Anything 1997 or newer would use 5 AMP fuses.

Q: Sometimes my sleeves fly off on windy days.  What can I do?

A: if you don’t cut the tops of your sleeves, cutting them can help as the wind will blow through them and won’t be able to lift them off the frame and carry them off. Also using large rubber band at the base of the frame helps to keep the sleeve secure. You can also purchase our Electric Luminarias Bag Clip 20pk (L21008), which clip the Sleeves to the frame preventing the Sleeves from blowing away.

Q: Are your LED Bulbs as bright as your Incandescent bulbs?

A: Our LED Bulbs are custom made for our Electric Luminarias and are made to be exactly the same brightness and Light Spectrum as our Incandescent bulbs.