Luminarias are a Spanish tradition originally using a brown paper bag with sand in the bottom and a candle. They were used to light sidewalks and pathways on Christmas Eve. Some say the original name was farolitos. RC Company manufactures Electric Luminarias. Our complete set includes a 30 ft cord with 10 Luminarias spaced every 3 feet. We offer our sets in LED or Incandescent Bulbs. We offer various colored sleeves or bags for your holiday decorating and special events. Our sleeves are sold sealed at the top but may be cut if you prefer more of an open bag look. See photos and more descriptions by clicking on the product. Our LED sets come with our C9 0.8 watt LED Bulbs which use less electricity and are a little bit brighter than the older C9 7 Watt Bulbs and use the same 30-ft. Outdoor Cord.

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20pk Electric Luminarias Bag Clips


Finally something to keep your Electric Luminarias Bags from blowing away when its windy. The 20pk Electric Luminarias Bag Clips are designed to Snap over our Luminarias Bags onto the Luminarias Base. We suggest using 2 per base and they will prevent the bags from blowing away, but we suggest using our Heavy Duty Galvanized Hold-Downs to prevent your set from blowing away in heavy winds.